Imoland Consulting - HERE is something 4 everyone!

 Wheter you want to buy or sell, to rent or built, in one word, to invest, you have accessed the right page.
SC Imoland Consulting SRL, a company founded in 2010 by a well prepaired young team with a relevant experience in domain, gives you a large range of offers.
The society ensures the immobile goods sell or rent intermediary and offers consultancy in selling domain, making connection of the request with the offer.
The intermediary service performing, supose finding that offer compatible with your request.
Making a permanent analysis of real estate market on data the company owns, but also by studying the specialty materials published (newspapers, magazines, booklets) our company is always in touched with the news in domain.
Our brokers discuss with possible buyers or sellers and try to do their best in analyzing their wishes, for being able to offer them those offers that match better with their request.
Our company can also guarantees you through its personnel that you will receive a specialized opinion in judicial domain.
Wheter we work for the houseowners, tenants, buyers or investors, our services include the market analyze, the right property evaluation, judicial coordination, as well as transaction support, so we can guarantee you have made the best choice.
The present real estate offers are treated seriously with professionalism, so the services level offered in the real estate domain to be at the highest level.